The Machine Of The Millennium

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC Mini Mill is a small sized mill, which is operated using computer numerical control.

Leaping advancements in technology has revolutionized all areas of our lives. The same holds true for the manufacturing sector too. Earlier, we used to rely on machines, which needed to be operated and controlled manually. This consumed lots of resources, like the number of human work hours spent at the machine, effort put in, and opportunities lost, in terms of the time that had to be devoted to operating and controlling the old model machines.
5 axis CNC machine4

Advantages Of A CNC Mini Mill:

The CNC Mini Mill provides a solution to all these setbacks. Using the latest advancements in computers and technology, this machine makes manufacturing much easier, more precise, and a lot more economical. Here are some of the features, which make this machine a darling in the manufacturing sector:

  • The machine can be programmed, using a computer, to control the quality and the size of the product, as well as to control the number of products to be manufactured.
  • As a result, the quality of the product manufactured is very refined.
  • Uses advanced robotic technology, improving precision and other dynamics.
  • Time saved, as manual control is replaced by computer guided control.
  • Increased availability of man work hours, as computer control allows human resources to be used for some other tasks.
  • Increase production turnover.
  • Portability: The mini mill is much smaller than the industrial grade mills, and hence can be used in a variety of settings. The mini mill is available in desktop and benchtop models.
  • The mini is affordable, allowing a wide range of customers to use it.
  • Highly efficient. Though small in size, the mini is as efficient as any of it’s industrial grade, large sized counterparts.
  • The operators of the machine can be easily trained to operate the machine, which comes with a user friendly software.

Some criteria one must weigh, before choosing to buy a mini:

  • Requirement: Does one’s business require a computerized mini? Is a company’s production demand going to increase in the future?
  • Is it affordable to go for a mini? Will it be cost effective in the long run?
  • Is the mini manufactured by a reputed, trustworthy company?
  • Is the software of the mini compatible and user friendly?

Once these questions are addressed and the answer is a yes, buying a CNC Mini Mill would always be an asset, because it’s endowed with the latest cutting edge computer and robotic technology, and is highly precise a


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