5 Axis CNC Machines: Complex Design To Accomplish Various Machining Tasks

Commercial machining required nowadays can be accomplished using a variety of methods. However, the relatively simpler machining tasks are done mostly by the regular perpendicular drilling machines that are operated manually. Moreover, even complicated components can be created with the help of manual but computerized machine tools known as CNC. In fact, the engineers and machine designers of today are constantly upgrading the capability of CNC machine tools and have developed the 5 axis CNC machine that has a horizontal machining center. It enables enhanced productivity and wider application.

5 axis CNC machine

Functioning of the 5 axis CNC milling machine

The horizontal machining center of a 5 axis CNC miller is the main feature of the state of the art machine. It means the main spindle of the machine is placed horizontally. Compared to the usual vertical machining centers found in most milling machines, the horizontal center allows for higher precision of milling and enhanced capability too.

The different movements of each of the 5 axes of this miller allows for production of any type of component. As it is computer controlled, the depths of cuts and bores can be managed with higher degree of precision, and the best part is that the computer is capable of choosing the right tool for precision cutting. The machine can hold tools such as plane, lathe, drill, gear shaper, screw tap and others.

Various other features of the machine allow for precision perfect crafting of components and maintain higher level of efficiency at the same time. If you wish to purchase a machine with the features discussed above, make sure you choose one that fits your needs and budget. Bear in mind that you can get one at quite an affordable price when considering various CNC machines offered by different shops.


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